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Hijab is part of me

By  Stephanie (Romania) I started wearing hijab since I converted to Islam almost 3 months ago, Alhamdulillah (All Praise is due to Allah)! I am living in a non-Muslim country. My conversion to Islam came with a huge social challenge. Everybody looked awkwardly at me when I would go out wearing my hijab. They laughed but I kept going and …

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Hijab-A testimony of diversity

 By Nada Ismaili (Casablanca, Morocco) My point of view about the veil is quite simple. In my country Morocco, most women and girls wear the veil which is also called Islamic Hijab. Some time ago I was not sure that my religion, Islam, requires a girl to wear the hijab. So I researched about the Islamic covering and once I was …

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“You’re hiding a bomb underneath it”

By Zara  I have grown up in an area where they weren’t many Muslims at all, from what I can remember from my childhood. The only Muslim family in the primary school I went to was my family. I started wearing Hijab (head scarf more precisely) at the age of 9. At first the children around me were curious as …

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My husband associated hijab with oppression

By Sofia Partzsch (Singapore) “It all started during a family holiday to Italy. After stepping out of St Peters’ Basicila, I somewhat heard a whisper “how lucky I am to be a Muslim.” I thought it was weird. A few days later, I was walking alone at Lake Lugano around Maghrib(sunset  prayer  time) and suddenly I had the thought how …

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